3C Cattle Feeders

Family Owned. American Made.

3C knows that a happy herd makes a happy farmer, and at 3C Cattle Feeders, they fully understand the importance of keeping cattle both happy and healthy. Making sure livestock is well fed, hydrated, and protected is constantly on the minds of the owner. With their top of the line cattle feeding equipment, cattle producers can be can rest assured knowing their animals are being treated with one of the highest quality products on the market. Through trial and error, 3C Cattle Feeders has developed a cattle feeder that is efficient, effective, and economical.

3C Cattle Feeders were first produced in Oklahoma in 1998 to meet the high standards of cattle producers. The 3C Cattle Feeder is more accurate and quieter than any other feeder on the market. The chain-driven feeder ensures cattle producers across the herds never have to get out and turn a pulley again. 3C Cattle Feeders are completely enclosed, which prevents feed from falling on the truck beds. Additionally, 3C Cattle Feeders have exclusive features such as sight holes and digital counters. Custom feeders are also available to satisfy special requirements. 3C Cattle Feeders handle ground feed, cubes, pellets, even mineral. Splurge on the herd with a dependable, rock-solid feeder, from none other than 3C Cattle Feeder. Call or stop by their production facility in downtown Mill Creek, OK and see how these feeders can help any cattle operation.