A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words | Adding Quality Images

Billboards catch our eye from the side of the highway, photos help us to choose our next restaurant meal and graphics guide us as we assemble furniture.

We live in a visual world where people are constantly looking to images and photos to receive valuable information at an instantaneous rate. The digital marketing world is no different.

Previously On

In our previous post, A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words | Capturing Quality Images , we encouraged manufacturers to use their smartphones to capture quality images for their websites and provided tips for getting the most out of phonography.

This week we will discuss the next step and give manufacturers some pointers when it comes to having a website rich with images.

Picture This

Before uploading images to your company’s website, the University of Wisconsin - Extension suggests choosing relevant images that support the company’s mission, vision and image. Each photo should give website visitors a positive first impression of your business while adding interest and portraying information.

Size Matters

Though smartphones have the ability to produce beautiful, high quality photos, the photos they produce are very large. In some instances this is a good thing, but when it comes to your manufacturing website, bigger is not always better.

In fact, large images can actually hurt your website by slowing its response time and using an unnecessary amount of storage.

Before uploading images to your website’s media gallery, we recommend resizing the image using  photo manipulation software or one of the many third party image resizing services that can be found online.

When resizing your images, it is always a good idea to make the width at least 500 pixels but generally no more than 1000 pixels unless you need the image to span the full width of the screen. Though this significantly decreases the original image size, it maintains the integrity of the image for a photo that looks professional on your website.

Double Trouble

Because most websites have a storage quota, the University of Wisconsin - Extension says it is best to avoid uploading duplicate images that occupy space unnecessarily.

If you notice duplicate images already in your website’s media collection, deleting them is just a click away.

The Last Word

Adding images to your manufacturing website is a great way to promote interest, engage visitors and tell the story of your company culture, products and services. The more relevant images your website has within its inner pages, the better.

It is also more desirable to have real photographs of your company’s employees, machinery, equipment or products rather than relying on stock photos or images found online.

However, if using stock images or photos from the internet is the best option for you and your team, practice caution and be sure to do some research as many images contain copyrights.


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