Manufacturing SEO the Importance of Citations

this is how to get your website listed in online directories

Citation Building

What is Citation Building?

Citation Building is the process of sending out mentions of your business' name, address, phone number (NAP) and other details such as opening hours, products or services across the web. These mentions, when submitted, through a number of options like a business directories, apps, or social platforms.

Citations are divided into two categories: Structured and Unstructured.

    • Structured citations is a standard business listing that can often be found on virtual directories and review websites. These listings often show the most accurate and complete form of NAP information.
    • Unstructured citations is considered any other mentions of a business that aren't included in a standardized directory, such as a blog or virtual article. A NAP may not be included but still offer a significant opportunity to boost your manufacturing SEO and branding


Why is it important?

Similar to link building, it is one of the fundamental things you can do to influence your local SEO ranking. Using Citations will allow Google and other search engines to verify data, as well as help consumers to know when, how, and where to find your local business. Once a Citation has been indexed properly, it can aid in boosting your local search rankings on search engines. 

The more credible mentions of your business that you acquire the easier it becomes for Google and other search engines to verify and trust your business.

A proper Citation, over time, will do the following:

    • Increase Site Traffic
    • Build Trust with Clients


How do Citations impact my SEO ranking?

All search engines amass data and information about a business and if the information is credible as well as accurate, then the search engine trust the validity of said data and your site. However, if the information pings back as inconsistent (such as a different naming scheme on two social medias) then it will be viewed negatively and impact your local SEO.

Unmanaged and incorrect information can confuse consumers as well as search engines, making your business harder to located and access.


What is NAP and why is it important?

NAP is an acronym used for Name, Address and Phone number. The term refers to the data gathered by Google and other search engines in order to present local results and maps with confidence to consumers. NAP information is gathered both from a business' website and off site listings such as a directory or social media. Keeping an updated and curent NAP is a simple way for consumers to be able to find your business, products and services as well as increasing your SEO.


Manufacturing SEO - Citations