7 Secrets to Making Great Manufacturing Videos Pt. II

You don't have to have fancy, digital equipment to make videos that appeal to your target customer.

In this digital age, manufacturing companies and industrial service providers are taking the internet by storm and are embracing a world of digital marketing.

Manufacturers and service providers are recognizing the importance of responsive websites, clear website images and videos and are investing time and money into those things.

Our last post, "7 Secrets to Making Great Manufacturing Videos", covered a few video-making secrets that will help you win over your audience while promoting your company, products and services.

And the good news is you don't have to have fancy, digital equipment! Check out a few more video-making tips that will help your business instead of hurting it.

Color Scheming

Adding color schemes on paintings make it more appealing to the eyes. It also goes the same with videos.

Professional filmmakers are known for using color to promote certain emotions within their viewers.

As you shoot scenes around your shop, you can do the same! What color do you associate with the emotion you want your brand to represent?

Keep Moving

An upbeat video with frequent movement and scene changes keeps things exciting and appeals to viewers.

Just as movies and tv shows keep things moving by changing angles every two or three seconds, it's a good idea to keep your manufacturing video moving too.

Why? People are naturally trained to pay attention to movement and variations in background activity. Keeping things upbeat and fresh makes your video more exciting and holds the interest of your viewers.

The Faces of Your Business

Personalize your video by focusing on the faces that make up your business. It makes it relatable and engaging!

Including peoples' faces is a great way to engage viewers. People love movement, but they're also naturally attracted to faces in the media.

Consider zooming in on some people who make up your team to make your business seem personal and relatable. These are the people who set your business apart from other manufacturing companies and service providers.

Making the Call

Don't wait to try your hand at making awesome marketing videos for your manufacturing company! Start telling your digital story today.

A company's video should always include a clear call to action. In fact, some businesses choose to make their videos more interactive by including links that open a specific website page.

What's important though is that you know what action you want your viewers to take when the video ends. How will you make them want to take that next step?

Some Thoughts to Leave With You

Video storytelling can seem like an overwhelming concept, but it doesn't have to be expensive to be great! The important thing is that you stay mindful of how each scene, angle, sound, color and face adds to the overall vision you have for your company's brand. 

Adding thoughtful and engaging videos to your website, social media or YouTube channel is a great way to attract your target audience, inform future customers and keep your content fresh and new.

Ready to up your company's digital marketing game and start attracting more leads through your website and social media? Contact us today!