Manufacturers Converting Leads into Customers

Prior to Manufacturers Converting Leads into customers, traffic has to be directed and leads generated.

Is it a hassle to direct traffic, generate leads, and convert those leads into trusted customers? In order to convert leads that're highly qualified, manufacturers need to focus on their manufacturing website, calls-to-actions (CTAs), landing pages, search engine optimization (SEO), and email marketing. As a result, manufacturers converting leads will start to obtain trusted customers on a regular basis.

Manufacturers Converting Leads that're Highly Qualified

Leads will navigate through a decision-making process, or buyer's journey. For that reason, it’s crucial that manufacturers are fully aware of their target audience's behavior patterns. Understanding where potential customers are, in the decision-making process, helps manufacturers regulate which leads are highly qualified and ready to make a purchase and which are not. It will also help manufacturers determine the content that’s getting leads to engage and become their trusted customers.

Various lead lists are essential to effectively organize leads. Try segmenting leads into categories based on:

  • Subscribers
  • New Leads
  • Existing Customers
  • Former Customers

Generate Offers for All Stages of the Buyer's Journey

It’s to be expected that leads will research prior to making a final decision on a manufacturer. That being the case, potential customers may be looking for informative content like educational blogs, an effective guide, or even interesting how-to videos. On the other hand, highly qualified leads may have already made their decision and is ready to get in contact with a sales team. For that reason, it’s critical that manufacturers converting leads include a ‘Contact Us’ page that’s easily accessible on their website.

With every lead navigating through a different stage of the decision-making process, it’s necessary that manufacturers generate a variety of CTAs. A secondary CTA on a homepage, landing page, or even email campaign ensures that all leads will navigate towards an offer - no matter where that lead is in the buyer’s journey.

Highly Effective CTAs for Manufacturers

Calls-to-actions (CTAs) will help manufacturers direct their leads to an offer and encourage their potential customers to take an action. For example, CTAs can include buttons, images, and even plain text that reads:

  • "Click Here"
  • "Request a Quote"
  • "Contact Us"
  • "Download Here"
  • "Learn More"
  • "Subscribe Now"

CTAs that’re easily visible and quickly accessible help increase a manufacturer's highly qualified leads list. For a call-to-action to be successful, users will need to immediately notice it without the need to scroll through a manufacturers web page or email.

Email Automation for Manufacturers

One of the most effective ways manufacturers can convert leads into trusted customers is email automation. Segmenting leads, and organizing them into various lists, offers more opportunities to better target your manufacturing content in email campaigns. This will help keep leads engaged and remind customers about your highly effective products and services you have to offer.

Here at Driven Digital, we offer manufacturers a variety of services that include website design & development, search engine optimization (SEO), and website hosting & maintenance. Let us help you convert your highly qualified leads into trusted manufacturing customers!

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