Buffalo Tungsten

Our Powders Your Products

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In 1986, Buffalo Tungsten began with the purchase of a thirty acre site in Depew, NY. They had the vision of becoming a leading producer of tungsten based materials. Buffalo Tungsten now uses the latest furnace and powder classification technologies. Their furnaces capabilities change intermediate tungsten materials into pure tungsten powders of up to 99.999% purity. With over 30 years of experience and a sole focus on tungsten powder, Buffalo Tungsten produce’s high quality materials optimized for a wide range of industries.

Their desire to provide a first class customer experience has helped them to become a leader in the world tungsten market. They maintain a focus on customer needs, no matter the size of the order. Buffalo Tungsten can supply large users full truck or container loads that meet high quality standards. Their commitment to customer satisfaction provides the assurance that they will help in a prompt, professional manner. Since they began producing tungsten powder in 1987 they have been a partner with their customers and not a competitor. Unlike vertically integrated manufacturers, they do not make finished tungsten products. Buffalo Tungsten supplies the raw materials that are needed to make products but do not make them themselves.

Their tagline states it simply as “Our Powders. Your Products.” This allows Buffalo Tungsten to be focused 100% on helping customers improve their products without any conflict of interest. Buffalo’s only interest is making sure that their customers are successful by delivering the best possible materials at competitive prices to put customers ahead of their competition. Buffalo Tungsten routinely invests in technology to improve the quality of their materials. Advanced control systems tightly regulate their furnaces to produce consistent results. Powder classification systems and mechanical treatments yield narrow particle size distribution and higher density in their products. Buffalo Tungsten’s extensive production capabilities allow them to meet the most stringent material specifications.