Excellence In Manufacturing

Manufacturing World Class Components From Spring Steel

EMCO Industries, eat, live, and breathe spring steel. Manufacturing and distributing spring steel is their passion, and it shows in their customer satisfaction. EMCO has been in the manufacturing industry for over twenty years. During that time, they have become well-known for their complete line of leaf springs, agricultural implements and other heat-treated products. They currently have over 500 cataloged products, and routinely design and manufacturer products for special needs. EMCO's leaf springs can be found on RV's, boat trailers, open and closed utility trailers, specialty vehicles, agricultural equipment and in many other applications.

EMCO Industries sell's worldwide and their products are all high quality and are priced competitively. They are the only domestic manufacturer with a company owned facility in China. This allows their manufacturing company a lot of flexibility to provide their customers the best solution possible. EMCO is very proud to have two locations, both of which produce high-quality products. Their main location is in Claremore, Oklahoma. This 75,000-square foot facility is centrally located in the United States, minimizing freight charges.

EMCO's 200,000-square foot Chinese facility plays an important role in their company’s success. Located in the Hebei Province, this facility is in close proximity to the port of Tianjin and makes it easy for EMCO to ship products to the United States or wherever their customers require them. Hebei Province is one of the major steel producers in the region and provides EMCO with several sources of raw material. How cool is that? EMCO Industries implement's state-of-the-art fatigue testing and use finite element software for modeling. This helps EMCO ensure all their products are of the highest quality. Pick up the phone and call EMCO Industries today to learn more about their services!