Fight Domain Fraud | Secure Your Manufacture Website Domain

You know it’s important to own your domain name, but do you know how to continue to guard it against hijackers, frauds, and all-around unsavory?

Knowing how to defend your domain is huge and will save you time, money, and embarrassment. At Driven Digital, we’re all about that!

Keep It Up

Keep track of domain names’ expiration dates and make sure your contact information is up to date.

When neglected, these two things make it easy for the bad guys to sweep in and purchase expired domain names to sell at inflated prices. They may also redirect them to the site or sites of their choosing.

The Email Fail

When it’s free, practice caution.

Some free email services automatically delete or suspend email accounts that have not been used in 30 days.

When this happens, domain hijackers can sign up for your email address and give themselves permission to transfer your domain which is why you may want to consider forgoing the free email address and spending a little bit of money to upgrade. Or, make sure you log in to your free account often!

Can’t Trust This

Be picky about who is listed in your domain’s contact information.

Never allow a website designer or host to be listed as your domain’s owner or contact. You should always be listed as the contact for your domain.

Lock It Up

Put a registrar lock on your domain.

This locks your domain record and prevents it from being deleted, edited, or transferred.

Some registrars don’t offer domain locks, however, so look for one that does and also allows you to automatically unlock your domain name at any time without having to be placed on hold or sending an email.

You and your company may or may not already have a domain name protection plan in place. If you do, great! How can you make it even more secure? If you don’t, it’s time to. Your clients and co-workers will thank you!

Have questions about securing your domain and fending off the bad guys? Contact us today and stay tuned for more domain security hacks!