A Hierarchical Site Structure for Manufacturers

When you are rebuilding your manufacturing website, it is crucial that you employ a Hierarchical Site Structure that continuously increases your organic traffic.

  • Are you producing content for a variety of key topics?
  • Are you recycling old content?
  • Are you utilizing a content strategy?

The Topic Cluster Model can offer a great approach on a Hierarchical Site Structure for manufacturers. This method will improve your content creation process, allowing your manufacturing content to be revamped and re-energized. This system helps you to navigate through the accurate steps that are necessary for your content strategy to succeed and attract organic traffic on a regular basis.

Topic clusters are vital for proper content creation. The topic cluster model will guide you through developing key topics in a way that your target audience can easily comprehend and navigate through. This method will help you to precisely focus your content on the manufacturing subjects cared about most. A website’s hierarchy that is based on topic clusters can be beneficial, such as users viewing you and your website as authoritative and resourceful.

Topic Cluster Model Defined

The Topic Cluster Model can offer your website a highly efficient content strategy and a precise technique on internal linking. A topic cluster refers to a distinct group of content that is relevant to one main, key topic. That key topic can be found on an individual pillar page. The process of creating content will, then, involve developing various related subtopics that are on a variety of web pages, all linking back to a main topic on its corresponding pillar page.

A topic cluster model will successfully direct your efforts on creating content for your target audience, properly structuring your manufacturing website’s hierarchy. A hierarchical site structure that is based on this method will allow your visitors to simply navigate through your site and its individual web pages. As a result, allowing for a great user experience and a continuous increase in organic traffic. This content strategy will provide countless opportunities on internal linking that can, also, help to keep your visitors engaged on your site for an extended amount of time.

There are two main components that complete the Topic Cluster Model:

  1. Main Topic Pillar Pages
  2. Subtopic Cluster Content

Pillar Page

A pillar page includes informative content that is developed on a single web page. Pillar pages will consist of content that is comprehensive and resourceful, thoroughly discussing one main topic. Therefore, make sure you create a variety of key topics that are affiliated to what you do as a manufacturer. Then, construct an individual pillar page for each key topic that you have produced. Place all pillar pages in your website’s navigation menu.

Make certain that each pillar page includes all links to its associated subtopics. This will allow users to easily browse the main topics and web pages of your site. A pillar page that is properly formatted, offering a deeper dive into its distinct key topic, can be viewed as a highly trusted authority topic in the manufacturing industry.

Subtopic Content

Your subtopic cluster content is the related subtopics that go further into detail on one of your main topics. This written material will consist of a more in-depth review, providing educational and enlightening content that is relevant to your manufacturing company. Develop a variety of subtopic content that is useful to your target audience.

Your manufacturing website will consist of a variety of subtopic pages that all link to one, single pillar page. You want your website’s visitors to efficiently and clearly distinguish the difference in your main pillar pages and each individual subtopic web page. That being said, it is critical that you link each subtopic web page to the appropriate core topic on its particular, individual pillar page.

More than One Approach to Creating Subtopic Cluster Content:

  • Blog post
  • Landing page

Advantages of the Topic Cluster Model

1. Search engine optimization (SEO) ranking improves

Improvement in your SEO ranking will boost your manufacturing website higher up on search engine results pages (SERPs). Higher rankings can help you to:

  • Build trust with your target audience
  • Establish authority in the manufacturing industry

2. Content creation process is completed and achieved quickly and smoothly

Once your select few main topic pillar pages have been created and linked in your website’s navigation menu, the research process for their subtopics will go a lot faster. This is due to various subtopics being affiliated to one main, core topic. When performing research on a broad topic, you can quickly and easily gather information and details for multiple subtopic pages simultaneously.

3. Content is offered at a further comprehensive level

Utilizing this Hierarchical Site Structure, you will be able to keep from overlapping certain manufacturing subjects. Therefore, you can ensure visitors don’t get confused on your website and can quickly find the information that they are searching for. You will, also, be able to steer clear of missing gaps in your content. You don’t want your competitors to highly rank for a keyword or long-tail keyword that you have not discovered just yet.

4. Content appears more thoroughly organized

The main topics that make you known as a manufacturer are being developed into pillar pages and displayed in your website’s navigation menu. This allows your visitors to clearly see the main parts of your manufacturing business. Various subtopic pages will all link to their corresponding individual pillar pages. This will offer your visitors a way to quickly browse through your website and its individual web pages without confusion. As a result, you can easily direct visitors to continue engaging with your manufacturing website.

Successful Hierarchical Site Structure for Manufacturers

When you are in the process of rebuilding your manufacturing website, the topic cluster model will be the most efficient approach on a Hierarchical Site Structure.

The Topic Cluster Model will:

  1. Help you to be recognized by search engines, assisting Google in making sense of your manufacturing content
  2. Help you to rank higher in search results and bring in more organic traffic, generate quality leads and continuously convert leads to trusted manufacturing customers
  3. Help you to build authority with your target audience, which, in turn, builds trust with consumers

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