Make Your Website Great Again

"I try to learn from the past, but I plan for the future by focusing exclusively on the present. That's where the fun is." - Donald J. Trump

If you don't have an interesting manufacturing website, you're failing. Boring websites aren't great--they don't win.

If the people hate how your website looks, they're never going to waste their time on something bad. And, you're going to totally lose leads Folks! That means losing like millions and millions of dollars. So much money lost. It's terrible.

You need a website redesign like right now. In a huge way!

People you need to come up with a winning digital marketing plan that's just terrific. That's the answer. If you don't build the best website in America believe us you're going to fail.

Looks, Do Matter

If you've got stupid, phony pictures on your manufacturing website it's a disaster. If you've got zero photos you're gonna to have issues--not great Folks. And if you've got broken ones you'll never look like a winner. The end.

You're gonna need wonderful, beautiful images of like your shop or your people--anything you've got that looks amazing.

People love seeing your terrific equipment and big jobs. It makes them trust your company and everything it stands for. Believe us, real pictures work. Folks love em. They're obsessed.

Weak Links

Broken links are just wrong. You've gotta make sure the URLs are right and the content is still there. I mean come on Folks!

If people get an “error 404” message on your amazing website, they're going to run away like at a trillion miles an hour--like really fast. Look at the little guys go!

Form and Function

There better be forms on your manufacturing website. And they better be real, working forms. I mean, we just love the forms--they're a huge asset. Incredible.

Forms really help the customer communication. They submit a form, you answer--it's terrific.

You're also building conversion--we don't have to tell you how great that is. Okay, we will. It's huge!

When your business is closed the forms still run. They're taking your messages, 24/7 People. And you don't even have to pay them for it!

Make sure your forms don't fail. If they're totally broken your visitors won't come back. They don't waste their time on loser forms. Never. We're just saying.

Don't Make Me Think

Really phenomenal visitor--lead conversion is the goal. So if you've got the crowded content with the confusing layout and the stupid stuff, your millions and millions of visitors aren't going to stay. We're talking no leads People, zero!

Like, if your website doesn't have all your contact details, how are they gonna call you with jobs?! You're killing us! If Folks can't find your phone number or so and so's email address they're not going to try to make it work. That looks pretty sleazy People--pretty crooked.

The Right Response

Your website isn't responsive--you're gonna lose big. Huge.

We're saying most of the people on the internet are on the mobile phones, and they've got their tablets and the iPads.

Google's investigating mobile versions of sites before even looking at the desktop version. So not having one is pathetic. Weak.

If your manufacturing website looks like the same bad website on your smartphone and your computer, fix it! Your website is failing so much its search engine results are terrible. Your SEO is a terrific disaster. Really bad.

Anything You Can Do They Just Did Better

Their manufacturing website is better than yours. What are you gonna do about it?

Folks you need to know how phenomenal or dumb the competition looks. It's their designs are better then you take the things you like and put them on yours. Not stealing Folks, adopting. We never steal, stealing is what losers do. Stealing is failing.

Make yours better-- simple, useful, functional, fast, and attractive. Believe us, we know a lot about being attractive. It can get you a long way.  Just look at us.

Your Website Is a Loser

If your website is second, you're the first loser. Sorry Folks, it's true!

You've gotta invest in a new website or redesign to stop losing credibility. If you're totally not there yet, you need to be. We're not gonna lie to you. If you don't invest in your website, it's not gonna do anything for you--it might even hurt you. We've seen it happen.

There are a few things you can do to stop failing so quickly. Come talk to us about all of our amazing ideas for your website or schedule an amazing free website analysis. We have so many ideas--more ideas than anyone ever had. And we're like so relatable. We're probably the friendliest business we've ever met. You'd be lucky to know us!