How To Prevent A DDoS Attack On My Manufacturing Website

DDoS Attacks have certainly increased, due to the amount of people utilizing online services over the past few years. As a result, website security is vital to the success of your manufacturing website and its online operations.

DDoS attacks are inevitable. However, there are various highly effective methods to ensure that your website security is accurately protecting your site.

Understanding A DDoS Attack

DDoS is known as distributed denial of service and can, also, simply be referred to as denial of service. The ‘distributed’ component of DDoS is recognized as various attacks, all transmitting from a variety of sources simultaneously. On the contrary, a DoS attack originates from only one individual location.

A distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack is the act of making an effort to interrupt the flow of online traffic to a specific website. An immense overflow of traffic, from the internet, will completely overwhelm your site. In just a small period of time, a DDoS can send you an excessive amount of requests for information. This extensive rush of website traffic will, then, generate a security breach. Thus, leaving your manufacturing website vulnerable. Online operations are at risk of being disrupted when a security breach arises, which can also indicate that your website is in jeopardy of crashing.

If your manufacturing website endures a DDoS attack, a large number of requests will start flooding in simultaneously. These requests can overpower your website and its security system for numerous minutes or, at times, hours.

How Will A DDoS Attack Affect My Manufacturing Website?

A DDoS attack can potentially result in a poor outcome for your manufacturing website.

Traffic from the internet will begin overwhelming your site and, inevitably, disrupt your online operations. This type of an attack can negatively affect your website in a few ways. The effects will rely on the severity of the attack at hand and whether or not you have an efficient website security system in place, in order to effectively respond. A few probable outcomes can include:

  • An unavailable website
  • A vulnerable website

An Unavailable Website

When a DDoS attack transpires, your manufacturing website will quickly get overpowered and possibly crash. Your online presence can deteriorate when your website becomes unavailable, which can influence your authority as a manufacturer.

If a DDoS attack is not precisely responded to, your search engine optimization (SEO) performance can be greatly affected. Your SEO rankings will immensely drop, due to the period of time that your site crashed. As a result, your manufacturing company would not be able to successfully generate quality leads nor convert them to trusted manufacturing customers during that period.

An unavailable website will, also, bring about a 502 bad gateway error. A 502 gateway error can negatively influence your search engine rankings as a manufacturer.

A Vulnerable Website

A DDoS attack will quickly leave your website vulnerable.

An attack can enhance the risk of a hacker interfering with your manufacturing website. Your website security systems are going to be busy analyzing the security breach that emerged, while fully concentrating on making sure that your website is back up and running as quickly as possible. Thus, the systems that you have in place, for your website’s security, could possibly become compromised by the attack.

Once a DDoS attack completely overwhelms your site and disables it successfully, hackers can interfere with your manufacturing website more easily. This second interference is referred to as a follow-up attack. A follow-up attack will not always come from the exact same source that generated the security breach in the first place.

Hackers are now utilizing a variety of IP addresses, trying to ensure that their real location is not discovered by your website's security systems. As a result, improving their chances of successfully gaining access to your website.

How Do I Protect My Manufacturing Website?

As a manufacturer, it is vital that you follow the necessary precautions to protect your website. There are various methods to ensure that your website has a low probability of being hacked or experiencing a DDoS attack.

Get Familiar With Your Website's Traffic

Your manufacturing website generates a normal and repetitive pattern in website traffic.

Analyze and measure your website’s traffic and become familiar with the traffic patterns that your site receives on a regular basis. Once your website’s traffic has been precisely examined, you will have an accurate baseline to go off of. Thus, giving you the opportunity to notice if your website begins gaining an abnormal amount of traffic from the internet. Being aware of your website’s traffic patterns will, also, allow you to efficiently respond to a security breach.

Produce An Effective DDoS Response Plan

Make certain that you approach how your manufacturing company would respond to a DDoS attack. Producing a response strategy will give you the opportunity to quickly and efficiently respond when/if an attack transpires.

For a successful DDoS response plan, it is vital that your strategy contain a checklist for your security systems. Thus, making sure that your response team precisely analyzes every aspect of the security breach. Another critical element to a DDoS response strategy is a detailed notification system, with a highly effective incident escalation approach. The moment a security breach arises, you want a proper procedure in place to efficiently respond and accurate communication occurring with all the contacts involved.

Protect Your Server With Network Firewalls

A firewall is a shield to efficiently protect your manufacturing website, ensuring that it is secure and safe from attacks and any hack attempts.

A firewall can secure your website from any unauthorized access that is attempting to obtain access. This precise system can accurately prevent various types of security breaches from transpiring. A network firewall is a highly effective procedure that will control the flow of internet traffic to your website. It will properly protect your website and its online operations, from the users who are attempting to gain access to it.

Cloudflare Protection From Attacks & Hacks

Cloudflare will provide you with a powerful website security and quality protection.

Cloudflare can prevent hackers from obtaining your essential data and protect your manufacturing website from a DDoS attack. It is a highly effective and well-known provider that offers content delivery networks. Cloudflare can successfully access the precise location of a DDoS attack. Thus, giving you the opportunity to quickly respond and block the specific IP address that is attempting to interfere with your manufacturing website and online operations.

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