The Best Way A Manufacturer Can Sell Parts Online

Customers are seeking an alternative and convenient solution to ordering parts hassle-free and on-demand, from a Manufacturer.

Many of today’s businesses are turning to manufacturers who are selling parts online. As a result, it is vital that your manufacturing company offers consumers the option to effortlessly order parts with a single click, from the convenience of their own office.

OrderParts.Online is specifically developed for a Manufacturer that has a goal of increasing sales, cutting costs and improving customer satisfaction, by selling manufactured parts online.

What is OrderParts.Online?

Order Parts Online provides a simple and easy method for users to quickly find what it is that they are searching for, when browsing through web pages. This approach will ensure that customers experience a hassle-free buying process on the manufacturer website.

Driven Digital's turn-key solution will efficiently streamline the ordering process for parts, in a manufacturing company's parts division. It will successfully improve the company's profit margins, while accurately satisfying quality leads and customers.

Are your parts people spending long periods of time on the phone with consumers and potential customers? Spending extra time on the phone will result in the cost per manufactured part to increase substantially. It is essential that your manufacturing facility spends more time filling part orders, ultimately decreasing the amount of time that is spent talking on the phone to consumers. Spending a greater amount of time filling the orders will allow the part's ordering process to be effectively streamlined.

Labor hours are significantly reduced when a Manufacturer utilizes OrderParts.Online. This method will give your company the opportunity to lower the number of incoming calls that are being received, for the usual manufactured part lookup. Without hassle, a part's order can be submitted online, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Therefore, your facility will have plenty of time to accurately prepare the incoming order for shipping, as soon as the part's order arrives.

Spend more time filling orders and less time on the phone.

Revenue will Increase

Increase your revenue by making it simple and easy for consumers to order your manufactured parts over the internet. Your parts will be available to order 24 hours a day and 7 days a week on your website. Order Parts Online is a quick and highly effective way for customers to order your products on-demand, effortlessly through your manufacturer website.

Costs will Decrease

Reducing your facility's labor hours will, essentially, cut down your company's costs. The part's manufacturing process will begin costing less, ultimately saving your company money. Lessen the amount of incoming calls received on a particular parts lookup. Each individual order, of a manufactured part, will be successfully submitted online and without hassle. As a result, your facility’s team will be able to ship out the parts order as soon as possible.

Turn-Key Solution

With our turn-key solution, your company's parts division will accomplish a highly efficient, streamlined ordering process for your manufactured parts. The payment gateway, shipping and tax integrations will be properly added, ensuring an accurate process for order fulfillment through your website. Order Parts Online can even be successfully integrated with your existing manufacturer website.

How Does OrderParts.Online Work?

Order Parts Online consists of just a simple, three-step process.

Step one will be to schedule a demonstration. Scheduling a demonstration, with one of Driven Digital's eCommerce experts, will give you the opportunity to gain a more in-depth view and understanding of the ordering process through your manufacturer website.

Step two will involve gathering certain data and information. Data will be precisely compiled so that your part information, that is necessary, can be communicated to the onboard specialist. An easy-to-follow schematic will be set up and effectively organized. Therefore, giving your customers a way to easily search for your manufactured parts on your manufacturer website.

Lastly, step three will entail launching. Your online parts website will, now, be accessible to users on the internet. Your manufactured parts will be available to purchase through your website's navigation. For that reason, sales will increase, costs will be cut and customer satisfaction will improve.

Simple 3-Step Setup:

  1. Schedule a demonstration
  2. Compile the necessary data
  3. Launch manufacturer website & sell

Frequently Asked Questions

01) Will Rebuilding My Manufacturer Website Be Necessary?

Absolutely NOT. That is what is so great about this turn-key solution. There is no need to go through an entire website rebuild process. Driven Digital’s team will simply add a link to your existing website’s navigation. Your current website's design will accurately match your company’s new online parts shop. Therefore, allowing your customers to easily access your manufactured parts online, with an order fulfillment process that is effectively streamlined.

Of course, if you are looking to rebuild your Manufacturer Website, we specialize in custom-built websites for manufacturers and industrial service providers.

02) How Long Will It Take To Start Selling Parts On My Manufacturer Website?

The amount of time that it takes to completely set up your online parts shop will depend on the number of manufactured parts that your company wants to sell online. It will, also, heavily rely on how quickly your particular parts’ information is gathered and passed on to the Driven Digital team. Typically, the entire process will take around three to six weeks. That is, from start to finish.

03) Is My Manufacturing Company Required To Sign A Long-Term Contract?

Certainly NOT. Every agreement is going to be established on a month-to-month basis. Your manufacturing company will be able to cancel at any given time.

04) Can My Manufacturing Facility Edit The Part Information?

Yes! In fact, your manufacturing company will have access to some highly efficient training videos. The training videos will accurately demonstrate how your facility can simply and quickly edit any of your part’s information online. Driven Digital will, also, provide unlimited support to your company and its online ordering process.

05) Will "Request A Quote" Be An Option, Instead Of The Shopping Cart Feature?

Yes. Your manufacturer website can have the “Request a Quote” cart. The “Request a Quote” cart will instantly send the request to your company. As a result, allowing your facility to automatically receive the form information, as soon as the website visitor has filled out the form on your web page. Your facility will get a specific list of each individual part that the visitor has requested a quote for, on the form.

06) Will My Manufacturing Facility Have Access To Previous Orders?

Yes. The team at your manufacturing facility will be able to successfully view each and every order previously placed at your company. You will, also, be able to access every quote request that has been received, as well.

07) Will Different Pricing Be Available For Different Tiers?

Yes. All pricing will be precisely configured, for each of the manufactured parts that your facility wants to sell online. The prices will be based off of your manufacturing company’s current pricing tiers.

08) Will Google Index My Manufactured Parts?

Yes. Your manufactured parts will be properly submitted to Google for indexing. Your company’s parts will be efficiently indexed on a month-to-month basis.

A Successful Online Parts Website

Free up your company’s telephone lines, recover your facility’s precious time and streamline your manufactured part’s ordering process. Order Parts Online will help to enhance and improve your online presence as a Manufacturer, by successfully selling to a wider target market.

Order Parts Online will consist of a one-time setup fee. There are month-to-month maintenance plans available. The monthly maintenance plans range from a basic plan to a VP plan, which are, ultimately, based on the volume of manufactured parts.

Driven Digital's online parts shop example will demonstrate the best way a manufacturer can sell manufactured parts online.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at, call us at (918) 824-4494 or schedule a meeting today!