Manufacturing Marketing Agency vs. In-House Marketing Team

Are you contemplating partnering with a Manufacturing Marketing Agency?

The manufacturing industry is quite niche, gaining interest from a particularly distinct targeted audience. Digital Marketing for Manufacturers is advancing, giving you more opportunities to successfully connect with potential buyers.

Implementing a highly successful manufacturing marketing strategy is extremely crucial, in order to:

  • Enhance your online presence
  • Build brand awareness
  • Generate continuous website traffic
  • Gain trust and authority
  • Increase lead conversions

In-House Marketing In Contrast To A Manufacturing Marketing Agency

It is not abnormal for a manufacturer to attempt employing a small in-house marketing team, instead of an entire marketing department, with the hope of accomplishing a successful manufacturing marketing strategy.

Additional personnel are going to be necessary when your marketing department merely intends to enhance your company’s efforts. An in-house marketing team will, ultimately, be responsible for rebuilding, managing and overseeing your company’s entire marketing strategy. If only a select few employees form your marketing department, it is likely that not every tactic will be completed promptly. On any given day of the week, each individual employee will have limitations and can only offer so much productivity.

With an experienced Manufacturing Marketing Agency, however, your company will receive efficient support, specifically with the expertise to properly implement a highly effective marketing strategy.

An In-House Marketing Team

If your manufacturing company decides to solely rely on an in-house marketing team, vulnerabilities can arise.

When navigating through the hiring process, it is vital that your marketing department considers individuals who acquire particular skills. The recruitment process is precise, increasing the amount of resources that your company needs to utilize, as well as occupying long periods of time. Your company could have numerous potential candidates to consider for each particular role or responsibility. Hiring a marketing department is a crucial decision and, also, a large investment for your manufacturing company.

Building and retaining an entire marketing department is not going to be a cheap operation. If your company wants to accurately maintain an in-house marketing team, costs are going to substantially grow. The significant costs that are associated with supporting a marketing department can, oftentimes, be a major drawback for a lot of manufacturers and industrial service providers. Such as:

  • Salaries
  • Equipment
  • Software
  • Technology
Manufacturing Marketing Agency

An in-house marketing team is generally going to be restricted and more limited by a tight marketing budget. A marketing budget will, essentially, affect the software and technologies that your company can utilize to improve your marketing strategy. Whereas, when you partner with a manufacturing marketing agency, a wide selection of tools are going to be regularly used and easily available.

Marketing Department Roles & Responsibilities

  1. Content Marketer | Marketing Writer
  2. Search Engine Optimization Expert
  3. Website Developer
  4. Creative Designer
  5. Analyst

01. Content Marketer | Marketing Writer

A content marketer, or marketing writer, will essentially be in charge of all the content that is published on behalf of your manufacturing company. A content creator will create and publish various pieces of content. For instance, web page content, blog posts, email campaigns, social media posts and more.

02. Search Engine Optimization Expert

A search engine optimization (SEO) expert is knowledgeable and well-educated in the entirety of SEO for Manufacturers. This particular individual is well versed on how your manufacturing company can significantly improve its visibility through search engines. Web developers and content marketers may have some basic knowledge of SEO, as well as some experience. However, an expert in SEO will offer a calculated approach, ensuring that best practices are put in place.

03. Website Developer

A website developer is responsible for developing the websites for manufacturers. This specific individual will build templates for your web pages, add new landing pages, create templates for blog posts and resolve website issues along the way. Web developers have the ability to not only read code, but also produce code. Therefore, making certain that your website is properly functioning, exactly how you desire, at all times.

04. Creative Graphic Designer

A creative graphic designer will collaborate with the developer and content creator. There are various responsibilities that a graphic designer will oversee. Those tasks include all graphics that are on your website, your manufacturing company’s logo, the color theme, as well as the imagery that is on each of your web pages.

05. SEO | Marketing Analyst

An analyst is going to analyze and examine. They will thoroughly inspect the generated results of your manufacturing marketing strategy. This individual will determine which of your efforts are efficient, and properly working, and which are not. They have the skills and expertise to review, translate and clarify extensive data. For that reason, analysts can accurately provide guidance that is based on the results that your company generates.

manufacturing marketing agency

Manufacturing Marketing Agency

An experienced Manufacturing Marketing Agency is going to have the expertise, knowledge and resources that are necessary for a B2B marketing strategy to succeed.

Your company needs a marketing agency that specifically focuses on the manufacturing industry and is, also, able to properly understand your business.

Driven Digital can provide you with industry-specific insight that your manufacturing company may not have been made aware of just yet. With our extensive experience, thorough research and resourceful resources, your company will receive sufficient support, reliable information and helpful knowledge. Partnering with a manufacturing marketing agency is going to, ultimately, lead to a variety of advantages.

Group Of Experts

The Driven Digital team has a group of experts that are particularly skilled in digital marketing for manufacturers, explicitly focusing on the manufacturing industry. Our team of experts have previous similar experiences in helping and guiding manufacturers and industrial service providers through enhancing their digital marketing efforts. We thoroughly understand and comprehend what it takes to accomplish a highly effective marketing strategy, successfully replicating what has worked in the past.

Tools & Resources

Driven Digital will efficiently implement a variety of tools and resources. Our team will ensure that your manufacturing marketing strategy produces maximum return on investment (ROI). The equipment, software and technology that is necessary, to successfully enhance your digital marketing efforts, is quickly and easily accessible when you partner with a manufacturing marketing agency.

Schedule a meeting with our team today to partner with an agency who distinctly concentrates on digital marketing for manufacturers. We can help you build brand awareness, enhance your online presence, gain trust and authority within the manufacturing industry, generate quality leads and increase lead conversions.