Website Design Importance | 5 Design Mistakes Manufacturers Make

As a digital marketing agency that serves manufacturers, we daily preach the importance of having a website for your business whether it be large or small.


Though your company’s office keeps specific hours during the day, your website is always open, working 24/7 to inform visitors about your products and services and accept inquiries, questions and quotes no matter the time of day or night.

Engage More

Having a website also allows manufacturers to reach a wider range of potential customers or clients by giving your company a global platform.

But Wait, There's More

Though making the decision to take your company online is a crucial first-step to establishing credibility for your business and reaching a larger target audience, it is not enough to promise positive results.

In today’s digital age, many factors determine the success of a website including Search Engine Optimization or SEO, a company’s marketing strategy and content generation. What people often don’t realize, however, is that a website’s design is also a very important piece of the puzzle that helps to determine online success.

More Than a Website

A Website's Design Helps to Determine a Website's Success

Torque Magazine's article, “9 Common Web Design Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)” says good website design is worth investing in, because it provides a positive first impression, builds trust, provides guidance and strikes a balance between usability and aesthetics without sacrificing one for the other.

Website design is key, so whether you are new to design or are familiar with some of the terminology, here are a few website design mistakes to avoid in your quest to having a manufacturing website that rocks the worldwide web.

So Last Year

When a Website is Outdated, Visitors Know it

Nick Schaferhoff, author of "9 Common Web Design Mistakes" says website visitors are able to tell when a site is outdated, and they will unfortunately judge a business or company for design that is behind the times or off-trend. The problem this presents is that visitors will often view a site as a reflection of the company itself.

To remedy this mistake, Schaferhoff urges manufacturers to avoid chasing and embracing every new design trend or website fad.  Instead, he encourages them to stay informed while continuing to compare their company's website to other modern websites online. This is great way to discover new and innovative design ideas they may want to incorporate in their own site.

Not All Black and White

Large Sections of Text Can Discourage Visitors From Learning About Your Business

In our ever-busy world, reading website content word for word is an every increasing rarity. In fact, visitors to websites are on the search for the information they can obtain quickly through scanning.

However, having large sections of text on a manufacturing website can make it difficult for visitors to do so and can deter them from taking the time to get to know a company or product.

Visual Aid

Because people are by nature very visual, Shaferhoff suggests manufacturers use different fonts, colors, headings and images to make a website’s content appear more exciting and eye catching rather than filling a site's inner pages with large blocks of informative text.

He also says that breaking up large sections of text can make information appear more reader-friendly. One paragraph per idea is a good general rule according to Shaeferhoff.

Read more about how you can successfully add images to your manufacturing website or how you can capture quality images of your company using just your smartphone.

Join Us Next Week!

Website design is an awesome way to engage visitors and can be a great tool in reinforcing your company culture, quality products and reliable services. A poor design, however, can hurt your company and send visitors a message that may or may not represent who you are as a business.

Be sure to stop by next week when we discuss the next three website design mistakes and share solutions. Have questions about what a great website design could do for you and your team? Contact us today!



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