What Are Website Personas?

website personas - target market

As a manufacturer, it is crucial that you figure out exactly who your customer is. Outlining who your customer is, in great detail, is how you develop a website persona. Why Are Personas Important for My Manufacturing Website? By outlining who your customer is, you can significantly enhance the engagement your website receives. Not only…

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Importance of an ADA Compliant Manufacturing Website

manufacturing website

Having an ADA compliant website is not only a step towards inclusivity, but also a necessity in today’s digital age where ensuring accessibility to all users – including those with disabilities – is crucial. Here is an outline on the importance of ADA compliance and how you can attain an ADA compliant manufacturing website. Introduction…

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How To Fix My Website Messaging

website messaging

At Driven Digital, we understand the frustration that can arise when your website messaging fails to connect with your audience. Do not let confusion overshadow your brand’s potential. Good website messaging is crucial. It can ultimately mean the difference between a visitor navigating away from your website or converting into a valued customer. We are…

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How Do I Update My Web Browser?

web browser

Keeping your web browser up to date is crucial for ensuring a fast, secure and more stable browsing experience on the internet. Whether you use Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox, understanding how to update your web browser can help you take full advantage of the latest features and security enhancements. This blog post…

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5 Steps Manufacturers Can Use to Write a Blog Post

digital marketing campaigns

Mastering the Art of Manufacturing Blogging 5 Essential Steps to Create Compelling Content Unlocking the Potential of Manufacturing Blogging: A Step-by-Step Guide to Engage, Educate, and Connect with Your Audience In today’s digital landscape, blogging has become a powerful tool for manufacturers to share industry insights, showcase expertise, and connect with their target audience. However,…

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Audit Your Manufacturing Website: The Comprehensive Guide

Audit Your Manufacturing Website

Managing the health of your Manufacturing Website can be challenging and time-consuming. However, a well-performing website is a cornerstone of business success in the digital age. This is because your website acts as the primary interface between you and your customers. By conducting a thorough audit of your manufacturing website, you can identify opportunities for…

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Is SEO Still Important?

SEO for Manufacturers

In today’s fast-paced digital world, the role of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in shaping businesses’ success stories cannot be overstated. For manufacturers, who often operate within highly specialized and competitive markets, the question of whether SEO is still relevant might arise. The simple answer is yes. It remains a cornerstone of digital marketing strategies, as…

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